Bitcoin Gambling Investments - Invest in Bankroll - Kingdice

Bitcoin Gambling Investments - Invest in Bankroll - Kingdice

Bankroll Investments

General Info

  • Minimum bitcoin gambling investment: 0.001฿.
  • Investments and Divestments are processed instantly and updated in real time.
  • Under "Transactions History" in your account menu, you can see your Investment transactions, under "Bankroll transactions".

Bankroll Shares

  • Here is an Examle:
    • Bankroll is 90 Bitcoins and you want to invest 10 bitcoins.
    • You will then own 10% of the bankroll.
    • Then a player comes in and loses 20 bitcoins.
    • Then you will get the 10% of this 20 bitcoins, meaning you will get a profit of 2 coins.
  • KingDice charges a comission of 50% of net profits, charged once weekly, on Monday 00:01 CET. This comission is taken in order for us to be able to continue daily development of KingDice, with continious support and new features.
  • Comission is never charged twice on the same profits.
  • Our support team is 24/7 and all investors will be in priority in terms of Support/Issues and Feature requests.

Investor Risks

  • Even though is getting good reviews and feedbacks from the Bitcoin gambling community, its still only operating for the last few months. If you believe that its not worth to invest in a relatively new Bitcoin site, please do not invest.
  • The EV of KingDice is 1% of amount wagered. This means that in the long run we are expected to make *at least* 1% of the wagered amount. Occasionally though, the house may lose in short term, especcialy when a high roller is lucky.
  • If you dont believe that its worth to invest in KingDice or if you dont believe that the long term profit outweights the short term possible loses, please do not invest.
  • Our Development Team is working hard to secure and protect the Servers from possible attacks or exploits. But in the IT world, no guarantees can be given, meaning that the coins are vulnerable in cases where the servers get hacked or an exploit is found or even in the case where our wallet's are comporomised. If you believe that this risk is not worth to take it, please do not invest.

Hot Wallet and Cold Storage

  • Our policy states that we keep few coins on the Hot Wallet. Hot Wallet is the wallet where the users will be able to withdraw funds from the server.
  • Most of the investor's coins are held on our Cold Storage, making them much more secure and untouched from the rest of the servers.